Partners around the World

GRABO videos from partners around the World
We appreciate our customers sending us pictures and videos of GRABO and how they use it. Whether it’s an unboxing experience, a simple product review, a rigorous test, or just a great experience in your daily routine, we want to know about it all.
With this, we have a strong presence on social media. The community team is dedicated to listening to your comments and queries.
For us, success is when the customer feels comfortable and efficient in their workplace using our products.
Your testimonials about the usefulness, build quality and technology of our products are important to us.
Our YouTube channel is a great source for gathering this information for ourselves. But we feel that the channel is more useful for users.
There are many demos of efficient and effective use. There are videos of demanding tests.
You’ll even find demos and tips on tool safety and good handling.
Here are some of our favorite featured videos submitted by GRABO users: