GRABO OTTOVAC is an electric suction cup for installing glass and other smooth, non-porous materials. The OTTOVAC electric suction cup comes in a hard container along with the user manual. The accessory bag is easy to carry and store.

The set includes:

User manual

GRABO OTTOVAC electrical suction cup in a container
Price – 180€ +VAT

GRABO OTTOVAC is the first electric suction cup. The GRABO OTTOVAC vacuum suction cup is ideal for lifting glass, but also other smooth, flat and non-porous objects. OTTOVAC activates by the press of a button and automatically switches off when the optimal pressure is reached. The GRABO electric vacuum suction cup is intelligent – the tool turns itself off before high pressure is generated to avoid crushing the object, and in the event of an air leak, the suction cup automatically activates so that you can safely lift the object.

GRABO OTTOVAC is designed for both professionals and hobbyists. Unlike other solutions, the tool is easy to use and safe. In the case of a normal suction cup, you have to pump out the air mechanically, but OTTOVAC does it automatically and also keeps an eye on pressure changes!

The tool is ergonomic: the handle is comfortable and lifting heavy objects takes less energy. GRABO OTTOVAC works perfectly for lifting glass, ceramic tiles, smooth metals and plastics.

parallel lifting by Nemo GRABO vacuum
        ParallelSuction cup lifting box
Glass200kg ( 440Lbs )200kg ( 440Lbs )
Ceramic200kg ( 440Lbs )200kg ( 440Lbs )

GRABO OTTOVAC is equipped with a manometer that shows the level of vacuum pressure. The suitable pressure for lifting is shown in green on the manometer.

OTTOVAC is equipped with a smart pressure sensor. This makes the tool even more effective. With a simple push of a button, the lifting function is automatically activated and adjusted. The sensor ensures optimal vacuum levels, keeping objects in full control, regardless of whether the object is being lifted or moved.

With pressure sensors, you don’t have to worry about turning the vacuum pump on or off. The sensor is particularly useful for lifting and moving materials. Sensors detect and maintain the required pressure. This ensures precise handling and installation without endangering yourself.

BatteriesAlkaline AA 1.5 V (x4)
Rated power6 W
Working voltage6 V
Working cycle1500 ON-OFF cycles of 10 seconds
Service life10000+ ON-OFF cycles / 800+ hours
Rated air flow4 l/min
Maximum vacuum rate-0.7 bar (-70kPa)
Maximum lifting capacity200 kg
L x W x H200 x 200 x 90 mm
Weight with batteries1.2 kg
Working temperature0°~60 °C